What is BillzHub.

BILLZHUB is a cryptocurrency exchange and social media platform rolled into one. Its token network is powered by the Binance blockchain which is known for its robust security features as well as a plethora of user-focused features. The BILLZ network utilizes Binance’s blockchain technology as a backbone to facilitate various services through a decentralized platform. BILLZHUB is a social media app that integrates with BILLZ token to facilitate e-commerce, investing, and trading through its native crypto wallet and swap exchange.

Billz token

The BILLZ ecosystem allows for users to connect with others in the token community and while seamlessly integrating with social media. Crypto enthusiasts will recognize familiar decentralized finance strategies and features such as yield farming, staking, and a community-driven governance system. BILLZ tokens can be earned by staking which provides a pathway for social media users to facilitate transactions and do general e-commerce. Billz token will also be used to mint NFT’s on our platform.

Token Name

Total Supply


Decimals: 8

Locked: 60%

Circulating supply: 20%

Rewards: 20%

Billz trading protocol.

The trading Protocol is community focused and fairly launched.
During each trade, 3 simple functions occur.

5% is reflected to all holders for passive income
LP Acquisition

3% is added to a liquidity pool

2% is sent to burn wallet



Trading, Staking, Farming.

Messanger APP

BillzHub messenger APP is designed to be the root of our social media tool. Users will be able to “connect” to the messenger app via our DEX to have access to the messenger app functionality. This includes, being able to see your contact list and your messages directly from our DEX.

NFT Marketplace

Users will be able to create, and mint their NFTs. When minting with Billz token, users are rewarded with a bonus NFT ready minted In BNB or ETH.

MetaVerse integration

Part of the BillzHub journey is to integrate in to the MetaVerse. We aim for users to have their very own Avatar NFT that is used to interact with other users virtually.


Phase 1

Develop a whitepaper

Develop website, & social media communities

Deploy Billz Token

Create a marketing strategy and identify crypto influencers

Identify suitable CEX and create partnerships for future listings

Phase 2

Brand awareness


Paid advertising with influencers V1 of BillzHub messenger launched

Beta testing for BillzHub messenger APP

Begins LP added to pancakeswap

Pancakeswap listing

60% of Billz token locked for 1 year

Phase 3

BSCscan profile

CoinGeko listing

CMC listing

Pools & Farms become available

Phase 4

Develop educational material for users new to cryptocurrencies to learn about Crypto and Blockchain

Create/Mint NFT’s using Billz token and receive high rewards

Metaverse incorporation


Demitri Georgis

Demitri began his blockchain journey in 2012 and has not looked back since. He realised then that blockchain technology will eventually be integrated in businesses on a mass scale.
By 2016 Demitri felt that his knowledge was at a high knowledge level and became an advisor in the field helping companies and individuals have a greater understanding of blockchain.

Early in 2021 NFTs began to surface. Demitri took it upon himself to dive in and learn everything he could about NFTs. He is now considered an expert with high knowledge about NFTs and has delivered many talks regarding this in and around London UK, raising awareness and teaching about the technology.

Patrick Duffy
NFT Swap/PR Advisor

Patrick is an expert at developing networks and activating ideas, guiding creative teams globally. Patrick’s experience includes producing events and creating marketing & PR campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized brands across the art, fashion and tech spaces including H+M, Moët Hennessy, and Microsoft, spanning 15 years and hundreds of events in 5 continents. Patrick’s previous work in the fashion industry catalyses industry titans to create positive action working alongside the UN to implement the SDGs.

Terence Eben
NFT Advisor

Terence is the co-founder of Never Fade Factory a futurism brand intersecting fashion, art, tech, music and wellbeing in Soho. There is a real opportunity for creatives to work collectively and lead consumers towards a more circular future.

Terence co-founded NFT.Soho to harness some critical thinking around the future sustainability of NFTs and solutions to enable emerging creatives fully tap into the decentralised benefits.

Stephen Zubaigaro
Advisor/Community manager

Stephen is a staunch advocate for crypto and cryptocurrency, a founding member of the African Crypto Adopters (ACA) whose aim is to drive crypto and bitcoin adoption in Africa amongst its young population.

Stephen is a web developer whose works have helped a lot of cryptocurrency projects to launch their online presence.

Mahyar Davande
Community administrator

Following Crypto since 2018. Futuristic technologys, Community manager, Community Building. Student studying Banking Management.


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